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Urgent Dental Care

Tuesday, March 2nd
Dental emergencies happen. You don’t plan them, but you can plan for them. Dental emergencies are stressful, worrisome, and concerning. We also understand they are painful (or they wouldn’t be an emergency). When these situations arise, you want to have an established relationship with a quality dentist.  North Creek Dental Care specializes in emergency care… [ Read More ]

Six Tips for Protecting Kid’s Teeth

Tuesday, February 23rd
Making sure your children have a welcoming, safe, clean place for dental care is key for a lifetime of healthy teeth. As parents, you want to protect them from any issues that can be detected and dealt with early.  Starting young is key to ensure visiting the dentist is a regular part of their healthcare… [ Read More ]

Clean. Safe. New.

Wednesday, November 18th
Ten Ways We Protect You Twenty percent of people haven’t returned to their dentist since COVID-19 quarantine guidelines were put in place. Initially, dental offices were closed. We completely understand. Aerosolization concerns are valid. Sanitization procedures are important. Your safety and health matter.  However, after clinics reopened gradually, many patients still haven’t returned because of… [ Read More ]