Author: North Creek Dental Care

Oral Health. Overall Health. And the Covid Connection

Wednesday, February 17th
Oral health is directly connected to your overall health. Too often, we have reduced dentistry to toothaches or showing off a “good set of pearly-whites”. However, healthcare experts now know oral health is linked to heart disease, strokes, inflammation, life-expectancy, diabetes, digestion, pregnancy, and bacteria found in your bloodstream.  Understanding the greater role of oral… [ Read More ]

Clean. Safe. New.

Wednesday, November 18th
Ten Ways We Protect You Twenty percent of people haven’t returned to their dentist since COVID-19 quarantine guidelines were put in place. Initially, dental offices were closed. We completely understand. Aerosolization concerns are valid. Sanitization procedures are important. Your safety and health matter.  However, after clinics reopened gradually, many patients still haven’t returned because of… [ Read More ]

Tips for the Best Summer Smile with Susan

Wednesday, June 19th
Hygienists Susan and Michelle In order to make sure you have the best smile this summer Hygienist, Susan has a few tips for you! Dental care on the go. It's always smart to have a to-go toothbrush and toothpaste in your car or bag. Are you planning on traveling? Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss… [ Read More ]

Dr. Koontz and Family Clean up Nearby Homeless Camp

Wednesday, June 19th
Last month, Dr. Koontz and his 17 year old son Christian spent days cleaning up an abandoned homeless camp near North Creek Dental Care. Dr. Koontz noticed that the nearby forest area had been destroyed by trash, rotting food, and hundreds of used needles. After several days, three tons of trash, and a five gallon… [ Read More ]

Help Someone Else Smile This Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 8th
  North Creek Dental Care is committed to supporting our community and our neighbors in need. This Thanksgiving season, we have decided to be involved in a food drive that helps feed families on Thanksgiving. Please join us in supporting the community by donating at our offices. We will be welcoming items during office hours until… [ Read More ]